4 Simple Shopping Criteria For Kids’ Motorbike Helmets

OK its time to go shopping for your little one and get them some protection whilst they are riding.

It can be tough to find the right motorbike helmet that will last long enough, is good quality and will deliver the best return for your money.

Don’t despair though! these tips might just retrieve your sanity:

Kids Motorbike Helmet Quality and Brand

There are literally thousands of helmets to choose from but always;

  • Try and buy the best that you can afford.
  • Choose brands that have a solid history of service and quality.
  • Consider the add ons or options such as replaceable liners that can extend the life of a helmet.
  • Look for comprehensive safety ratings in the industry, as well

Kids Motorbike Helmet Size and Fit

Fits can vary quite a bit so try some on wear them while sat on a bike for a bit to determine if;

  • It fits the skull snugly with NO looseness when shaking the head.
  • That it does not impede your child’s vision.
  • It has a well-made chin strap which does not damage or irritate the skin.
  • Has available liners to pad any minor looseness out.
  • Offers the greatest field of vision with minimal movement.

Kids Motorbike Helmet Comfort

Helmets should feel comfortable enough to wear for hours without complaining so;

  • Check ventilation on full face helmets.
  • Check chin straps don’t apply too much pressure on three quarter or half helmets.
  • Check the weight to make sure that it will not feel too heavy after an hour or so.
  • Check the aerodynamics to ensure the the neck and shoulders are not over strained.

Kids Motorbike Helmet Safety

This is the greatest safety investment you will make so;

  • Look for DOT and SNELL seals of approval.
  • Choose a styles that suits the type of riding your kids will be doing.
  • Do not buy cheap or second hand / used motorbike helmets.
  • Educate your child while shopping.