Aplodan – News About the Muscle Building Supplement Aplodan

A new muscle building supplement, Aplodan, is causing a big commotion within the bodybuilding community. This is because MuscleTech, the makers of Aplodan are making some claims about this new bodybuilding product that seem as if they are too good to be true. Specifically, statements are being made that Aplodan can help make its users an average of 83% stronger.

Although this may seem like an outrageous claim about Aplodan, the MuscleTech Company says it has research data to support their statements. Backing up the claim is a research study that was done at the University of Milan, one of the largest universities in Italy and a member of the League of European Research Universities. This clinical study on the primary ingredient of Aplodan involved test subjects taking the supplement for seven days. When the week was over, the subjects experienced an increase in their muscle tension threshold limit by an average of 83%.

During additional research, runners who supplemented with the key ingredient in Aplodan demonstrated a boost in their speed and power by increments that would ordinarily have taken years to achieve.

Although that number appears nearly unbelievably high, when one understands the process by which Aplodan delivers these significant results, the explanation seems quite reasonable and credible. The reason for Aplodan’s success in increasing muscle strength is that most gym workouts, no matter how long or strenuous, do not have any effect on dormant muscle fibers. This is the foundation on which MuscleTech began developing Aplodan, the fact that there are clusters of dormant muscle fibers within every bundle of muscles throughout the body.

It was theorized that, if these untapped, dormant muscle fibers could be activated, the potential for increased muscle growth and improved strength would be great. The formula for Aplodan was developed to be released rapidly into the system where it quickly can spread into dormant muscle fibers and stimulate them into becoming activated. After formerly dormant muscle fibers, in effect, “wake up,” then they will begin to respond in the gym.

Of course, Aplodan does not work magic on the body. Someone who wants to build more muscle bulk and increase strength will still be required to put in the effort in the gym. But, unlike workouts done prior to supplementing with Aplodan, a person’s daily exercise, strength and muscle building rituals can, with the assistance of Aplodan, achieve much greater results.

At the time of this writing, there is no other muscle or bodybuilding supplement other that Aplodan that addresses the previously un-recognized situation of untapped dormant muscle fibers.