Best Testosterone Booster Supplements: 2021 Comparison Guide

There are many ways a man is different from a woman. One of them is the hormone Testosterone. This chemical compound controls the performance and overall health of a man. Starting from the libido, weight loss, muscle build-up, metabolism, and energy, this hormone controls every single aspect.

However, with age, the Testosterone levels in a man start to drop significantly. In only 20 years, between a man’s 30-50, the testosterone levels can drop by 50%. But aging is not the only driving factor of declining Testosterone levels in men. Many men suffer from this medical condition due to poor diet, conflicting workout routines, and unhealthy lifestyles.

For men who are suffering from low Testosterone levels, here is good news for them. Steroids are not the only way they can fix declining Testosterone levels. There are many testosterone booster supplements in the market that work magic. These supplements increase the body’s ability to naturally produce this hormone.

Here is a quick tip for men, always stay away from Anabolic Steroids. These supplements have no benefits, rather they increase the risk of serious side effects.

Now let’s get back to the topic of Testosterone supplements. Contrary to popular belief, they are common than people think they are. These Supplements usually contain essential minerals, herbs, necessary vitamins, and other fiber. These ingredients are marked as safe by the FDA and termed as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). Many of these ingredients are scientifically proven to have an amazing impact when it comes to boosting testosterone levels in a man.

As mentioned above, there are many Testosterones increasing hormones in the market. The market is overwhelmed with their sheer number. But not all of them are good. This is why we have made a list of the top Testosterone boosting supplements in 2021.

We have put in a lot of research, and study to put this list together. Our team of editors has reached out to manufacturers of such supplements, gone through their lab results, as well as studied their impact on the body.

Without any further ado, here is a quick list of the best 11 Testosterone Booster supplements that anyone can buy today.

Ranking the Best Testosterone Boosters in 2021

As mentioned above, to create this list of the best Testosterone Booster Supplements in the market, we have studied the lab results and contacted the manufacturers of such supplements. Every supplement on this list uses an effective formula, and just the right ingredients in the right combination to produce amazing results. Readers can rely on our findings as we were 100% objective when creating this list.

  • Testogen
  • Prime Male
  • TestoFuel
  • Hunter Test
  • TestoPrime
  • Jaylab Pro T20
  • Barbarian XL
  • Testo Lab Pro
  • Test 911
  • CrazyBulk Testo-Max
  • TestRX

But before we dive into the list, and start going through the specific advantages, and disadvantages of using Testosterone Booster supplements, let us understand what this hormone is, and what might happen if the body stops producing it.

As mentioned above, Testosterone is a natural hormone that is produced by the male body. Every man produces this. According to many research articles, this exact hormone is the key difference between men and women. If a man’s body fails to produce this hormone, he will struggle with many physical problems. It has a significant impact on the way a man looks, the way he smells, and so on. It also impacts many internal aspects of a man such as his mood, and how good he is at pleasing his partner in bed. Men who have a higher-than-average testosterone count, tend to display all the masculine traits we expect from a male. High Testosterone levels are associated with increased physical abilities, confidence, and social skills. So, the bottom line is, when a person has high testosterone, he has a higher chance of becoming an alpha male.

One reason the hormone Testosterone is missing in the female body is that only the testicles can produce this hormone. Which explains why this hormone, in particular, is so closely linked with masculinity and sexuality. The Testosterone hormone has a direct influence on sperm production, as well as the T-levels in the male body. However, there is no definitive level for the T-levels in the human body. T-levels can vary from man to man. But according to the FDA, every man should have a T-level count of at least 300-1,000 ng/dL. Doctors will ask men to take the Serum Testosterone Test if they suspect that there is a low testosterone production in the man. If there is doubt regarding whether or not the body is capable of producing the right amount of testosterone, men should immediately get in touch with a doctor.

As mentioned above, among many other things, the Testosterone hormone has a significant impact on the confidence and social skills of a man. Despite how important it is for the male body; the production of this hormone starts to slow down with age. According to research, every two out of 10 men suffer from low testosterone levels as soon as they hit their 60s. According to the same report, the Testosterone levels in 3 out of every 10 men start to decline. Men can rejuvenate their dying Testosterone levels by sticking to strict diets. Also, men can resort to medication for prompt results. There are regular pills, as well as booster shots that help with improving the imbalance of Testosterone imbalance in men.

If we ask any major testosterone booster producer, they will tell us how men only seek help only when they start experiencing low sex drive, and declining libido. When men have declining Testosterone levels, they will also have a lower sperm count, as well as low t-count. But lower testosterone levels are closely related to hair loss, fatigue, obesity, depression, as well as atrophying bone volume. If a male is suffering from any of the problems listed above, he must have a low testosterone level. If anyone is looking for a solution, they should consult a physician and see if there are any traditional medications for their problem.

In the recent decade, more and more men have started complaining that the traditional medication for low testosterone levels is not that effective. This makes sense, as the industry for testosterone booster pills is now fully saturated. Companies are selling pills that have no benefits whatsoever in boosting the dwindling testosterone levels.

There is a fair share of men who are too shy and embarrassed to openly talk about their declining testosterone levels. Also, given the vast number of tests a man has to go through before finally getting testosterone boosting pills, is quite annoying for many.

This is why men today are more comfortable getting Testosterone boosting pills. According to market insight, the Testosterone Boosting Supplement industry has the highest growth rate among all the other emerging industries. This article will help men pick the best Testosterone booster pills out in the market. Every product on this list comes with a fair justification, so they do not have to buy our word at its face value. Testosterone booster supplements that use shady and ineffective ingredients are not included in this list.



Next on our list, we have Testogen. This testosterone booster might be the only testosterone booster on this list that is backed up by an A-list Celebrity Athlete. According to professional MMA fighter Will Pounder, Testogen has helped him boost his dwindling testosterone production. Do not worry about any negative side effects as Testogen is made using only natural ingredients. According to the makers of Testogen, this supplement also boosts mood, increases the male libido, helps build lean muscle, and boosts the overall energy levels in men. Testogen can boost the Testogen production rate in the male body as it contains D-Aspartic, Zinc, Fenugreek, and many other ingredients that naturally boost the production of testosterone in men.

Prime Male


Prime Male aims to help individuals increase their testosterone production rate naturally. According to their marketing campaign, there are many benefits of this pill that include, helping to lose fat, build up lean muscle, help reduce weight, improve mood, boost cardiovascular health. It also helps bring clarity in thoughts and improve overall mood. The producers of this testosterone booster claim that their pill can increase the testosterone production rate in males by as much as 42% within 12 days of use. Now if this is true, Prime Male might as well be the best Testosterone Booster pill out there. As far as credibility is concerned, Prime Male is endorsed by Dolph Lundgren himself.



Who doesn’t want to reduce the unwanted fat around their belly, and build lean muscle? If a male wants both of them, then we have just the right solution for them- TestoFuel. According to TestoFuel official website, this supplement helps the body identify the problem with lower testosterone production rate, and implement solutions. With regular consumption of this supplement, men will witness Anabolic Support Complex. The TestoFuel supplement is endorsed by Robinson of Mr. Olympia, aka the “The Black Prince”. According to him, this supplement has helped him stay shredded even at the age of 70. The key ingredients of the TestoFuel supplement are D-aspartic acid, Oyster extract, and vitamin D. Among all the testosterone booster supplements in this list, only TestoFuel uses Oyster Extract.

Hunter Test


If anyone is looking for something premium, then they should try out the Hunter Test supplement. Among all the boosters on this list, Hunter Test comes with the best pricing package. The package resembles a canister and features a sleek style. Once men start taking the Hunter Test supplement daily, they will experience a sharp increase in their energy levels, enhancement in their overall mental health, positive mental health, and relentless motivation. Unlike all the other testosterone booster pills in this list, the Hunter Test is the only one that claims to reverse the effects of Testosterone decline in men. No matter how old a man is, they can start taking this pill at any age. The Hunter Test uses ingredients such as the Muscle Mass Amplifier matrix (with DAA, vitamin K2, and vitamin D), performance Power mix (with zinc, indole-3-carbinol, and magnesium), and Energy Ignition matrix (with ginseng, ashwagandha, and boron chelate).



Unlike other testosterone booster supplements in this list, the TestoPrime claims to boost protein synthesis. This is a unique feature of TestoPrime. With regular consumption of the TestoPrime, men will witness increasing levels of testerone in the body. Furthermore, they will also witness a boost in their energy levels, upbeat mood, build-up of lean muscle, and higher mental clarity. The ingredients that go into TestoPrime include the following- ashwagandha extract (668mg), D-aspartic acid (2,000mg), and Panax ginseng (8,000mg).

Jaylab Pro T20


Is anyone looking for a supplement that will show results instantly? If yes, then the Jaylab Pro T20 is the ideal solution for them. According to their website, men can rejuvenate their dwindling virility by using this supplement. It uses ingredients such as Rhodiola Rosea, L-Norvaline, Nitric Oxide, Avena Sativa, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, and Cordyceps Sinensis. With regular use, men will experience a boost in their blood circulation around the body, and of course, it will also help them increase their Testosterone levels. Every buyer gets a free e-book that lists down all the ways an individual can boost their Testosterone levels. If anyone is looking for something effective, yet affordable, then the Jaylab Pro T20 is the right pick for them.

Barbarian XL


The Barbarian XL comes from Zenith Labs. This company is known for developing many highly effective supplements. Zenith Labs relies on real doctors for developing formulas. All their formulas are their own, and they spend a lot of time in the lab to develop them. Dr. Ryan Shelton is currently the head of Zenith Labs. With many years of experience, Dr. Ryan Shelton is known for developing groundbreaking formulas. Men of any age can benefit from taking the Barbarian XL pill. This supplement uses Boswellia resin extract, ashwagandha, Korean red ginseng, and Shilajit in its formula.

Testo Lab Pro T-Booster


Remember Testogen, the second product on our list? Well, just like Testogen, Testo Lab Pro T-Booster also claims to increase the testosterone levels in men in a safe, and controlled manner. Also, the producers claim that there are no side effects of using this Testosterone booster. Along with helping increase the overall Testosterone production in the male body, this supplement also helps with circulating the hormone throughout the human body. The Testo Lab Pro T-Booster helps with libido, potency, virility, and overall sexuality in men. It is advised that men take 4 pills of this testosterone booster every single day. And in no time, they will experience increasing sex drive, increasing sperm count, building lean muscle, lower stress levels, boost in confidence, stronger bone mass, and so on.

Testo 911


Testo 911 is manufactured by PhytAge Labs and uses Fenugreek seeds as its primary ingredient. It helps to boost testosterone production in men, helps with building lean muscle among other health benefits. Other ingredients that go into Testo 911 include zinc, Rhodiola Rosea, magnesium, and DIM. Along with helping boost testosterone production in men, the Testo 911 can also help with reducing stress levels, and enhancing immunity from many common diseases. According to the makers of the Testo 911, stress reduction, and immunity are closely linked with testosterone levels, and by targeting these two areas, Testo 911 can solve the problem of dwindling testosterone levels from the root.

CrazyBulk Testo-Max


Next on our list, we have CrazyBulk Testo-Max. This supplement comes with the Testo-Max formula. After a few weeks of use, men will experience their virility, and sexual drive resorting back to the days when they were a teenager. This pill will help them increase their muscle growth, increase their energy levels, and boost their endurance over time. The CrazyBulk Testo-Max uses many common ingredients all the other supplements on this list use such as Korean red ginseng extract, D-aspartic acid, vitamin D3, magnesium, nettle leaf extract, and fenugreek extract among others.



TestRX is the last testosterone-boosting supplement on our list. However, do not think that it lacks in any way from all the other products on this list. The packaging of the TestRX supplement is pretty classic. When it comes to ingredients, the TestRX uses similar ingredients that all the other Testosterone booster supplements on this list use. The TextRX is a one-stop solution for muscle growth, lean muscle build-up, weight loss, and increased libido. No matter how old a man is, if they take 4 pills of this supplement every day, they will soon see lean muscle growth, and increasing sex drive. The formula that goes into making TestRX is named ZMA. It uses a combination of zinc, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium Aspartate. According to research, the TestRX supplement is capable of increasing testosterone production in men by as much as 30%.

How We Ranked the Best Testosterone Boosters in 2021

Now that we know about all the top 11 Testosterone booster supplements in the market, it is time for us to look at how we assessed the products. The problem with creating this list was, almost every Testosterone booster claimed to use all-natural ingredients. The most common ingredients in all of them include- vitamin-D, D-aspartic Acid, zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, and Tongkat Ali.

To pick the very best Testosterone Booster supplements in the market, we judged each of them based on the following criteria:

Ingredient Dosage

Even if a Testosterone booster uses all the right ingredients, chances are it might use them in the wrong combination. Along with the ingredients, their dosage is also an important factor. We judged supplements on the dosage of the ingredients.

Quality of Ingredient

Ask an expert, there are proven ways of boosting testosterone levels and then are the shady ones. The good supplements in the market will use high-quality ingredients for better results.

Transparency & Reputation

As mentioned above, many shady companies sell shady supplements. They try to fool the customers by adding caffeine to their recipe. However, many million-dollar supplement companies are credible and have a full team of expert professionals for developing the best formulas.

Adverse Effects

Sadly, some supplements trigger negative side effects in the human body. However, if men use a good supplement, they have virtually zero risks of developing negative side effects. Most testosterone supplements use natural ingredients which are approved by the FDA and are included in its GRAS list (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Health Benefits

Here is a quick tip- if a Testosterone booster claims to double the current levels within weeks, then they are lying. It is not impossible, but it is a bit risky. Just like Anabolic Steroids. If a Testosterone booster supplement claims to increase the levels by 10%-40%, then men can blindly rely on them as being safe. However, the supplements might not work on all men at the same rate. This might happen if they already have a high testosterone production rate. If it is the case, they do not need Testosterone Booster supplements.

Affordability & Value

Unlike other medical supplements, a Testosterone Booster is one of the most expensive ones. Some boosters cost only $50. And then some supplements will cost around $80. No matter what the purchasing power is, men from all domains of life will find affordable supplements from the above list.

Who Should Take a Testosterone Booster?

Should someone with a dwindling testosterone level take a Testosterone Booster? Yes. They should. But there are some other health benefits of taking such supplements. With time, they will see a sharp increase in their sex drive, they will see a build-up of lean muscle, they will cut fat, and finally, their overall energy levels will increase.

Let us check the meaning of the term Male Menopause? It refers to the continuous decline in testosterone levels with age in men. As it happens, men start to feel less energetic. Their libido takes a hit, as well as their virility.

Ask an expert, the Testosterone levels in men drop naturally with age. No medicine can stop this process. However, the rate at which testosterone levels drop in men is alarmingly higher than any other generation in human civilization.

To keep up with the dropping testosterone levels, men must put up a fight. Who are the primary patrons of Testosterone Booster Supplements? Well, here is a quick list.

  • Professional footballers or players of any other physical sports resort to Testosterone Booster Supplements instead of Anabolic Steroids.
  • People working in a highly stressful environment.
  • Students belonging to a competitive environment.
  • Men who want to feel higher masculine energy at any age.
  • Men are concerned about their sexuality, and declining libido.
  • Athletes looking to increase muscle mass, and build lean muscle.

There are many other advantages of Testosterone Supplements other than just increasing the t-levels. They also help with increasing muscle mass, rejuvenating the male body, increasing sexuality, increasing weight, shedding off unnecessary weight, and so on.

Benefits of Testosterone Boosters: What Does Science Say?

Almost all the ingredients that go into Testosterone Booster supplements are backed up by scientific data. As a rule of thumb, zinc, D-aspartic Acid, vitamin D, are some of the ingredients that work miracles when it comes to boosting testosterone levels.

Some of the testosterone boosters use different herbal ingredients such as the Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris. All these ingredients have proven benefits for boosting t-levels. If we research the ancient civilization, we will see many of them have known about the health benefits of these herbs for centuries.

D-aspartic acid (DAA)

When it comes to sexuality booster supplements for men, DAA is widely used. According to much research, DAA has a significant impact on testosterone levels in men. With regular use, the DAA helps increase the luteinizing hormone in men. This hormone instructs the testicles to produce more testosterone. This is why, if the male body is losing its natural ability to produce testosterone, then DAA is the right solution for them.

It was found in research back in 2012 that DAA can increase the testosterone levels in both humans, and animals within as low as 12 days. Also, men who take DAA supplements witnessed higher sperm counts after 3 months. The research was conducted on men with damaged testosterone levels. After taking the DAA supplements, the participants experienced their sperm count double in number from 8.2 million to 16.5 million/milliliter.

However, there is a fair amount of doubt regarding its effectiveness. According to a different research report, DAA did not affect boosting dwindling testosterone levels in men. The study found that the DAA was no better than a placebo. Men who took DAA in high dosage, 3,000-6,000mg, did not experience a sharp rise in their Testosterone levels.


Almost all of the Testosterone booster supplements in the above list contain zinc. Zinc deficiency can trigger a sharp decline in testosterone levels. If a man does not get his recommended fix of zinc each day, he will start to see his testosterone levels dropping sharply.

However, as soon as men started taking zinc supplements, they witnessed a rise in their testosterone levels. As part of the research, professional wrestlers were given zinc supplements right before an intense workout week. After the program ended, the participants witnessed no major change in their testosterone levels.

Vitamin D

Just like zinc, Vitamin D is another important ingredient for the healthy production of testosterone in the male body. If a man has low levels of Vitamin D, their sperm count will decline. Also, they will see the overall quality of their sperm deteriorate. For a study, researchers created two groups of men above the age of 65. One of the groups was given 3,300 IU of Vitamin D supplements, and the other group was given a placebo. Men who were given Vitamin D supplements, witnessed a sharp 20% increase in their testosterone levels. Men can increase their testosterone count by spending time outside in the sun or resorting to vitamin D supplements.


Next on our list, we have Boron. This chemical compound is not as effective as Vitamin D, and Zinc. However, it is quite important. To assess the effectiveness of Boron, a group of men was given a 6mg boron supplement. After 60 days, the men witnessed a 29.5% boost in their testosterone count.


Fenugreek is a widely used herb in treating the ill. To assess the impact of Fenugreek on men, researchers gave 500mg of Fenugreek to a group of men. By the end of the research, men experienced a sharp increase in the overall free testosterone count. Fenugreek also helped the men shed weight, and build muscle.

Tribulus Terrestris

Just like the Fenugreek herb, Tribulus Terrestris is another important herb for boosting the testosterone count in the male body. Many research articles accurately document the effects of Tribulus Terrestris on men. According to one such research, a regular supplement of Tribulus Terrestris helped men increase their testosterone count by 16% over 3 months. The supplement also helped men fight erectile dysfunction.


Then we have Ashwagandha. The health benefits of Ashwagandha have been well documented for centuries. It is a highly effective adaptation. It helps men function properly under stress. To assess the effectiveness of Ashwagandha, researchers gave 5,000mg of this supplement to men for 90 days. After 90 days, once the testosterone count was measured in men, it was found that the level was 22% higher than before. Also, 14% of the men in this research experienced a sharp increase in their sperm count. Ashwagandha helps reduce the levels of cortisol in the human body thus helping men fight dwindling testosterone levels.

Now we know that different Testosterone booster supplements have different formulas. Some of them use herbal extracts, and some use synthetic compounds. Before buying a testosterone booster, make sure to read the manual to understand how it works, and what ingredients it comes with.

Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

Do not worry about reading the title. If a man takes Testosterone Boosters, it will not have serious side effects on his body. Every Testosterone Booster will have to use ingredients that are approved by the FDA and are considered as GRAS. If the ingredients are used in the right dosage, it will not lead to any serious health side effects.

Do not confuse Testosterone Boosters with Anabolic Steroids. When someone injects himself with an Anabolic Steroid shot, he is pushing his body to the limits. These shots increase the Testosterone levels in the human body almost instantly. There are other side effects of Anabolic Steroids as well. Once a man stops taking them, he will develop man boobs, and his testicles will start to shrink.

According to many research reports, it is quite evident that Testosterone booster supplements do not have a negative side effect on the human body. However, before consuming these supplements, always consult a doctor.

Best Testosterone Boosters in 2021 Final Words

So, there you go, now you know about the best Testosterone Boosters in the market. Are you wondering whether taking such a supplement will have any positive outcomes? Well, the testosterone boosters listed in the above list use natural ingredients. So, you will see positive results no doubt about that.

But we suggest consulting with a doctor before taking the supplements. If you take the right supplements, you will see your testosterone levels increase within 3-7 days.

On the other hand, if you are not convinced about the Testosterone Boosters, you can always resort to a proper diet rich in tuna, beef, beans, shellfish, and egg yolks. Any food item that has magnesium, zinc, and protein will help boost your testosterone levels.

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