Black Peper Extract As A Bodybuilding Supplement?

Does it Make Sense to Include Black Peper Extract (piperine) in Bodybuilding Supplements

Every bodybuilder is interested in their health and with building up muscle mass. In order to do so they are also willing to try out bodybuilding supplements based on alternative foods, tried and true herbs, natural bodybuilding supplements and also chemical substances. Although there are many effective extracts and substances that do help the bodybuilder reach their goals, there are also potential dangers or long term adverse affects and this especially applies to those that need other medications. Before taking any new supplements, it is always necessary to do research on the product and learn about the active ingredients that will make a difference in your body. Not doing so can cause more harm than it will ever do any good.

As with all supplements that are aimed at building up only muscle mass and keeping the conversion to fat at a bare minimum, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Some substances however, are more potent and dangerous than others and one of those is the extract of Black Peper which is known as piperine. Some supplements have added to their formulas and this is controversial since there have been proven cases of this substance resulting in elevated levels of liver enzymes. This is because piperine directly has an effect on the body’s metabolism and any problems with this can be serious.

Many bodybuilders know of the positive results on their efforts if they use piperine. This extract is actually effective in targeting the build up of muscles and forcibly inhibiting many enzymes related to the building of fatty tissues or the metabolic conversion of carbohydrates to fat. This makes it useful in supplements developed specifically for enhancing bodybuilding efforts, however, many forget the warnings. Due to the interactions with the metabolism and with other drug treatments it can create problems, specifically with the liver. Although if the digestion of piperine was stopped and the enzyme levels returned to normal within weeks, there is a problem if this extract is part of the formula for bodybuilding supplements. This is because bodybuilders cannot stop for long periods of time with their training or they will lose their muscles and for this reason a supplement has to be taken on a regular basis. Since piperine is supposed to be part of natural bodybuilding supplements this is misleading and may lead people to think that it is safe to take along with other chemical drug treatments. This is wrong and even the supposedly natural supplements should warn those of its use if it contains Black Pepper extract.