Horse Racing: There’s No One And Only Handicapping One-Size-Fits-All Does It All Method In Racing

Why a one and only handicapping and profitcapping one size fits all method don’t work? Isn’t it obvious? The game is too complex with hundreds of variables. Where the variables have variables.Take the jockey for example. No two jockeys are exactly alike. No two horses are exactly alike even if they’re twins. No two tracks are exactly alike. And you’re trying to find the one and only one-size fits all handicapping and profitcapping method for everything for all time? You’ll be searching for a very long time. In racing you must accept that most advice is more important than some method being given to you.

A friend of mind been in racing for more than 40 years and he’s still looking for the one method or – thee system – that can do everything. No such thing. There’s no one method that does it all. Take this advice and run with it: stop looking for the one or single handicapping and profitcapping method that can get every winner in every race at every track. There’s a more realistic means of getting the most winners in almost every race. But you must deal in advanced statistical handicapping and advanced statistical profitcapping methods to find them.

What would such methods be? The most powerful methods for each and everything. There are sensible and realistic ways and there are un-realistic time-wasting ways in racing to find the best systems for each thing. On the racing side (handicapping) and on the money-making side (profitcapping). Why a one method fits all don’t work? Because many search thinking there’s something new in racing and unknown. There’s only you not knowing. There’s nothing about or in racing that’s not known.

Ask yourself these questions:
(1) how is racing structured?
(2) what is it that allows money to be made by design and not by luck?

The keyword here is – by design. Players want money but are weak at detecting what will get it for them. Players trivialize the most powerful information in the game. Just wasting years of time.
(1) racing is a business and must be treated as a business or you’re not in business.
(2) racing a basic statistical game.
(3) to make money you must know handicapping and profitcapping very well. Anything less won’t work. It’ll just be luck and accident. This is partially why there’s no one and only handicapping and profitcapping one-size-fits-all method.