How to Remove Virus Doctor – Virus Doctor Removal Made Easy

If you’re wondering how to remove Virus Doctor then you’re one of millions. This virus is spreading at a feverish pace, infecting innocent people’s computers, putting their safety and security at risk. This software at worst can steal your identity and fraudulently charge your credit cards.

How Did I Get Virus Doctor on my Computer?

Usually a virus such as this one installs itself by using a trojan through a security loophole. Visiting questionable websites and downloading videos and music from P2P networks can also infect your computer. Facebook and Myspace links can cause damage as well, which is why I always urge my friends and clients to run an active scanner at all times when browsing the web.

How Do I Remove Virus Doctor?

To remove this nasty virus you will have to do the following:

– Block all associated websites

– Delete or Adjust all associated DLL and LNK files in your LOCAL_HKEY_USER registry folder

– Block all related system processes

– Delete all related EXE files

That’s the manual method. It’s risky, takes a while, and is not recommended to beginners. There are easier and quicker ways to get rid of this infection, which is by using an Automatic Removal Tool. I suggest three in particular, because of their trusted names, robust removal results, and active protection for now and the future. Manual removal is too risky, too time consuming, and if a mistake is made, the Virus Doctor Virus will re-install itself at the next install. Not good.