How to Shop For Medical Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms

Did you ever think when you were buying medical scrubs and nursing uniforms that you could have so many choices? What do you look for when you purchase some scrubs. Cost, quality, brand, material, etc So many questions, that it will make your head spin. What do you do? How do you make a decision? So many questions, yet not one definitive answer.

Well, it depends what you are looking for when buying medical scrubs. Did you know that most medical scrubs are very different when it comes to style and function? There are medical scrubs that come in 2 pocket basic style, some come in cargo sets, some in mock wrap, some in one pocket sets. How do you know when and how to choose? Nursing uniforms come in so many colors and brands as well. These brands include Cherokee, Dickies, Landau, and many others. Many of the brands offer different varieties and bring their own history into the brand. Dickies work wear has also been around since 1922. What began as a work wear company grew faster to include medical scrubs into their mix, and quickly has gained notoriety and stands a cut above the rest. Dickies started selling nursing uniforms in 2002, and has brought color, variety, and a flare to the medical uniforms industry. Dickies has a 55% Cotton / 45% Poly Poplin, brushed fabric. The premium ring spun yarns with a gentle peaching finish provides extra softness.

Cherokee nursing uniforms was started in 1972 and has been on top of people’s wish list.. A lot of nationwide surveys rank Cherokee in the top ten strongest brands for women’s apparel. These ready-to-wear nursing uniforms have shaped the way we approach designing and manufacturing medical scrubs and accessories and has helped the brand become the a household name in the United States.

These are two of the most popular brands when choosing medical scrubs. There are more popular brands such Landau which was started as a home based company and catered to medical professionals that wanted higher quality nursing uniforms. Landau was started as a door to door company that grew from a garage based operation to a retail store within a few years. Then, after the founder passed away his son took over in 1957 and made the shift from retail to manufacturing. Landau was the first company to introduce many styles and colors to the medical uniforms industry thus making them a top notch choice for people that want colors and style with a unique sense of fashion.