I Doser Review – Is I Doser a Fitting Binaural Beats Provider?

It is pretty much the right time to write an I Doser review as the media discovered their website and created a sudden hoopla that kept people buzzing about it. Now everyone asks what does their website really offer. Toss in the words, getting high plus drug use and people stop and take notice, although inducing a drug-like effect from their binaural beats recordings isn’t the only service that their products claim to give. I Doser’s online catalogue extends from the all too common anti-anxiety to the unconventional premium products such as the “Gates of Hades” for 200 bucks if you want to experience what hell might be like.

It was not really surprising to find out that people actually buy their stuff. It doesn’t matter how crazy or normal their products seem to be, there will always be people who are willing to try what works for them and there are those who remain purely skeptical of even the most natural occurrence. Different strokes for different folks do hold true, especially in the case of brainwave entrainment where binaural beats, isochronic tones and monaural beats lately reign supreme.

Binaural beats as a form of brainwave entrainment is only starting to gain popularity and is even considered by some as a new age concept, but the science behind it helped unmasked the initial mystery it brought to the fields of self development and wellness.

This I Doser review would now examine a binaural beats online store that’s recently gaining even more popularity.

Is it really possible to imitate the effects that vices such as drugs, alcohol and cigarettes bring minus the health dangers that go with them? Only those who have tried the I-Dose recordings can know for sure and so far there have been satisfied testimonials in their forum while there are also others on the opposite end.

They’ve got everything covered… almost

They have a product line that is divided into 21 categories which helps a user identify what they are actually looking for. There are subcategories that target your exact need for a binaural recording. You’ll find something for a hangover, sadness and even an orgasm! The product line is indeed as extensive as it gets but the important question to ask is the quality of their recordings. Moreover, they only carry binaural beats and none of the two fast rising brainwave entrainment technologies which are isochronic tones and monaural beats.

What class do you belong to?

I Doser reveals three classes of people in accordance to their reaction to binaural beats namely susceptible, originally unsusceptible and immune. Of course, we wouldn’t know what class we belong to until we try them out right? Now, that is where the problem lies I think since it is the first time I have encountered such classes. I believe that binaural beats will have an effect on any person who listens to it, the effects may not be immediate for some but long term usage will definitely pose a difference for anyone.

This I Doser review aims to provide you with vital information to help you make an informed decision as far as your binaural beats recordings are concerned.