Kool ‘N Fit Pain Relieving Liquid Review

I recently purchased Kool ‘N Fit Pain Relieving Liquid because I saw my tennis partner used it for his cramped leg muscles.  I was playing with him and suddenly I saw him twisting in pain.  He hopped to the side court bench and took out this spray bottle.  He sprayed in on his legs and after a while he was back in the court and following the ball like he didn’t have cramps. I have always thought that the best cure for acute pain is to apply a topical cream because the ingredient can be absorbed quickly by the skin to the painful muscles underneath.  But my tennis partner told me that this pain reliving liquid gel is more effective and the effect is more longer-lasting.

He couldn’t exactly explain how it happened but he told me to try it.  Whenever I feel a little pain on my knees or my back during or after our tennis games, I just take out Kool ‘N Fit from by bag and spray it on the painful area.  My tennis partner who was once a professional tennis player used this for years now.

Another thing that I liked about it is that you don’t have to wet your hands and apply it on your body.  It’s clean to use because it comes in spray bottle.  The price may be a little bit expensive when compared to other brands and other topical pain relieving ointments but for the instant relief that it brings, I am willing to pay more.  When I have it, I didn’t have to take any analgesic or pain relieving tablet.