August 11, 2022

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Reddit bans COVID misinformation subreddit NoNewNormal

Reddit took motion in opposition to COVID misinformation on its web page.

Angela Lang/CNET

Reddit on Wednesday banned an lively COVID misinformation subreddit. The move comes following other subreddits termed on the site’s administrators to just take more action in opposition to the unfold of fake details about the pandemic and vaccines. 

An admin publish in r/RedditSecurity confirmed that the subreddit r/NoNewNormal, which was whole of COVID misinformation, was banned. While the admin confirmed there is been a “pronounced” enhance in COVID denial due to the fact July — the exact same thirty day period federal and condition governments commenced applying vaccine mandates for workers — the reason for the subreddit’s banning was its link to extra than 80 brigades. A brigade entails members of just one subreddit flooding a further subreddit, ordinarily to harass the other customers. 

The ban page seen when visiting r/nonewnormal

The ban web site seen when viewing r/nonewnormal.


The Reddit admin also reported 54 other subreddits will be quarantined, which signifies they is not going to be detailed in search effects on the web site and will not likely exhibit up in particular Reddit feeds, these kinds of as Popular. NoNewNormal was quarantined on Aug. 11, but in accordance to the admin, end users on the subreddit continued their rule-breaking actions. 

The spread of misinformation has been a trouble across social media web-sites amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. On Reddit, experts say the platform’s voting program feeds into the situation, encouraging men and women to one particular-up each individual other with extra consideration grabbing and extreme posts. When Reddit says the conclusion to ban NoNewNormal was prompted by brigades, the go comes just after a grassroots work to set the spotlight on COVID-19 misinformation on the site. 

On Aug. 25, a article from r/VaxxHappened was shared with much more than a thousand other subreddits. It named for Reddit to acquire action against the COVID misinformation on the platform. 

“There is a very good likelihood that the disinformation that Reddit is now inundated with will necessitate people a keep at the toxicology department in the hospital or even expense them their lives,” the put up read. “There can be no place for leniency when individuals are dying as a end result of misinformation on this system. Reddit as a world wide system wants to just take obligation here.”

Steve “Spez” Hoffman, the site’s co-founder and CEO, responded Thursday after stating Reddit is “a position for open up and genuine discussion and discussion,” and there would be no motion taken versus the subreddits spreading COVID misinformation. 

“We believe that it is most effective to allow communities to engage in debate and dissent, and for us to link to the CDC anywhere appropriate,” Hoffman explained in a Reddit article. Whilst we imagine the CDC is the greatest and most up to day source of data concerning COVID-19, disagreeing with them is not versus our guidelines.”

Because of to Reddit’s inaction, extra than 100 subreddits like r/PokemonGo and r/TIFU went dim the past two times only letting recent subscribers to look at it. 

“We have absent personal in protest of Reddit’s inaction towards Covid misinformation,” study the information on the Pokemon Go subreddit in advance of the banning. 

NoNewNormal has been a stage of aim of Reddit’s COVID misinformation dilemma and experienced evaded banning until 

What is NoNewNormal?

NoNewNormal commenced in June 2020 and has much more than 122,000 subscribers, who are described as remaining “free of charge thinkers.” The subreddit’s description claims, “the phrase ‘new normal’ is rather creepy. Let’s communicate about worries with it, and what can be performed to resist it.

Really don’t allow the subscriber quantities fool you. Even though the amount of subs pales in comparison to more substantial subreddits, NoNewNormal is very energetic. Prior to its quarantine in early August, there had been more than 10,000 opinions a working day and more than 900 threads, in accordance to SubredditStats. This puts it in the upper echelon of active subreddits with thousands and thousands a lot more subscribers, including r/mademesmile (3.8 million subscribers), r/facepalm (5.5 million subscribers) and r/humorous (37.2 million subscribers.) 


A comparison of remarks for every day among r/MadeMeSmile, r/Facepalm, r/Humorous and r/NoNewNormal the day prior to it was quarantined.



Posts for every working day between r/MadeMeSmile, r/Facepalm, r/Amusing and r/NoNewNormal the working day prior to it was quarantined.


The sort of written content that will get shared on NoNewNormal operates the gamut, starting up with threads about combating in opposition to the “new ordinary,” which typically intended railing in opposition to putting on masks in general public. It developed in the previous calendar year to questioning if folks are dying from COVID and spreading anti-vax misinformation. Subscribers also gave a lot more than 150 upvotes to a photograph of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the Nationwide Institute of Allergy and Infectious Conditions, dressed to glimpse like Adolf Hitler. 


A person user’s depiction of Dr. Fauci. 


“We are not anti-mask/anti-vaccine,” said one particular moderator for the subreddit, who asked to remain anonymous. “We are interested in the totally free exchange of thoughts and debate…We strive to be a non-partisan coalition with the aim of merely returning to what existed before the earth revolved close to a virus.”

Social media sites like Reddit deliver a “virtual buffet” of misinformation, reported Simon Copland, a Ph.D prospect in Sociology at the Australian Countrywide College who scientific tests misinformation on the system.

“Reddit’s procedures and ethos has meant that it has been a bastion of the edgy significantly-correct, sitting down along with additional severe platforms these kinds of as 4chan and 8chan,” Copland claimed. “The energy of Reddit sits in the subreddit — communities fashioned all-around precise matters. Subreddits allow end users curate their content, mainly to be certain they only see what they want. It can indicate somebody can enter the platform and join a vary of misinformation teams and not have entry to any outdoors sights.” 

Copland’s investigate demonstrates that Redditors adhere with their individual ideological groups and the voting technique on the site qualified prospects to levels of competition among the buyers. This means people will tend to submit extra outrageous written content to distinguish by themselves from other people, creating additional extremism. 

In accordance to Copland, because Reddit won’t have the particular ties like Fb, it truly is easier to pull anyone out of extremism as people’s connections to ideas are shallower. The dilemma, however, is that as soon as a subreddit is quarantined, like NoNewNormal at present is, some believers make the leap to even a lot more extremist platforms. 

“This has been one of the issues with the quarantine coverage,” Copland mentioned. “My investigation, along with that of other folks, has proven that the quarantine mostly functions to press buyers off the platform and into a lot more intense areas. In these spaces, people today can usually establish these further ties, and they come to be excluded from a lot more mainstream ideas. They enter areas that much less moderated and the place consumers are less probable to see alternative sights, which can necessarily mean you have a scaled-down group, but whose tips are a lot more serious.”

Because its banning, NoNewNormal buyers are presently spreading backlinks to a individual site devoted to holding the COVID misinformation flowing. Subscribers to the pro-Trump subreddit, The_Donald, also identified their individual discussion board after it was banned in June 2020.