Reddit consumer who has a girlfriend with 2 vaginas opens up about their sex everyday living

A guy whose associate was born with two vaginas took to the world-wide-web for a pretty frank dialogue about their personal lifetime.  

The boyfriend, known as twicethefun, revealed how he to start with discovered out about his girlfriend’s situation soon after she confessed she experienced ‘two of one thing most girls don’t’.

He explained: ‘After a pair minutes of guessing I at last figured it out. It was an interesting discussion.’

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The boyfriend of a woman with two vaginas opened up in an internet Q&A about the practicalities when it came to their intimate life

The boyfriend of a woman with two vaginas opened up in an world-wide-web Q&A about the practicalities when it came to their personal lifetime

Condition explained: Uterine didelphys is when a female is born with two vaginas, two cervixes and two uteri

Ailment explained: An anonymous female with uterine didelphys and her boyfriend has answered queries on Reddit about just what its like to live with two vaginas, two cervixes and two uteri

Thoughts from customers ranged from the intrigued to the indecent.

To one somewhat tactless interrogator inquiring which he would rather, ‘two vaginas or four boobs’, he replied: ‘I like acquiring two boobs and two vaginas.’

He also disclosed how he 1st learned his girlfriend’s added endowments, writing: ‘Well prior to we started off dating she outlined she experienced two of some thing most girls do not, after a pair minutes of guessing I eventually figured it out. It was an interesting conversation.’ 

And he chastised his girlfriend just after she started her have Talk to Me Just about anything, indicating it had taken him two years to get to the major of the initial webpage of Reddit while it experienced only taken her a working day. 

The man’s frank Q&A on the thread dates again to 2013 but with the unusual – and to a lot of, fascinating, matter make any difference – it is really no surprise that it has resurfaced again.

It was also a abide by-up to a very similar AMA thread in which his girlfriend, who also remained anonymous, answered queries from the community beneath the username nurseryRN.

Reddit user twicethefun said he first figured out his girlfriend had two vaginas when she mentioned she had two of something most girls don't

Reddit user twicethefun reported he initial figured out his girlfriend had two vaginas when she described she had two of anything most ladies you should not

The user said that sex with his girlfriend feels different 'but then again all vaginas are different'

The person mentioned that sexual intercourse with his girlfriend feels various ‘but then all over again all vaginas are different’

He managed to diplomatically deflect a rather facetious question from another user

He managed to diplomatically deflect a alternatively facetious query from an additional person

‘I am a woman who was born with a full uterine didelphys. I am in my 20s. I discovered out I experienced two uteri, two cervices, and two vaginas when I was 16 yrs old,’ she spelled out in the thread, which was also at first posted in 2013. 

‘I’ve been told I can get expecting in possibly uterus.’

She talked about everything from being pregnant to hormones to getting sexual intercourse.

A consumer requested: ‘Given that the two vaginas will need to in shape within just the exact quantity of space, would boy or girl start be a lot more complicated for you?’ 

The questioner included: ‘Would you have to have a C-portion for birth, or is it doable for you to do a normal start with no difficulties?’

‘C-part,’ she responded. ‘My uteri are scaled-down than regular so I am at hazard for miscarriage, intrauterine progress restriction (smaller babies), and premature infants.’

A further user inquired as to whether or not she could get pregnant in one uterus and later on turn into expecting in the other.

‘Due to hormones, that isn’t intended to occur but I have read that it truly is occurred prior to,’ she spelled out. ‘Apparently a female experienced 1 in a person uterus and twins in the other uterus.’ 

Another sufferer: Cassandra Bankson, 23, from San Francisco, a beauty vlogger, opened up about being diagnosed with the condition last year on her YouTube channel

Another sufferer: Cassandra Bankson, 23, from San Francisco, a beauty vlogger, opened up about being diagnosed with the condition last year on her YouTube channel

One more sufferer: Cassandra Bankson, 23, from San Francisco, a natural beauty vlogger, opened up about being diagnosed with the condition past calendar year on her YouTube channel

She also disclosed that she has one Fallopian tube for each uterus so she nonetheless only menstruates after for every month. 

As for how she offers with her monthly visitor, the woman exposed: ‘My doc says I really should use two tampons at a person time but which is a little bit preposterous so I just use 1.’ 

She extra: ‘I can select to get the septum taken off but scar tissue may form. I would have to place a mold in my vagina 2 times a day for 15 minutes at a time and I would have to do that for 6 months.’

Of training course, a lot of of the inquiries included the women’s sexual intercourse everyday living and, in most instances, she was far more than satisfied to oblige in answering their queries.  

‘My intercourse daily life is very good. It depends which vagina is penetrated. My vaginas are facet by side and the still left facet hurts when penetrated simply because it is lesser,’ she described. 

‘To my information, because of to the septum in my vagina, my g-spot is covered. Other than that, I imagine that it can be not a great deal distinctive than any person else’s.’  

Last calendar year, YouTuber Cassandra Bankson, 23, from San Francisco uncovered that also was born with the condition, and took to her splendor-targeted YouTube channel DiamondsAndHeels14 to describe the circumstance to supporters and reply concerns.

She discovered her condition soon after consulting her medical professional about back again soreness and undergoing scans – however when increasing up she recalled having much more than the typical volume of periods and a lot of pain through menstruation. She was also informed that she only had a person kidney throughout the scans.

‘Maybe there are other individuals out there who are working with this and experience ashamed, or on your own, or odd or distinctive and it’s just a professional medical anomaly,’ she instructed her followers. ‘I guess my existence is a small community on below. It is really kind of my way of therapy I guess.’ 


Uterus didelphys, also acknowledged as a double uterus, is a problem exactly where a girl is born with two wombs, two independent cervixes and in some cases two vaginas, while this is not generally the circumstance.

It takes place due to the fact in a feminine foetus, the uterus starts out as two compact tubes.

As the foetus develops, the tubes ordinarily sign up for to generate one larger sized, hollow organ — the uterus.

In some cases the tubes don’t join fully and each and every one develops into a independent hollow organ so the woman is born with two wombs.

It normally only becomes apparent following puberty and is diagnosed with a physical exam or an ultrasound scan.

Quite a few women can go several years without being knowledgeable that they have the problem. 

When the female foetus is developing, two tubes normally join to create one larger, hollow organ - the uterus (top picture)

The facts: When the woman foetus is establishing, two tubes generally join to build a person larger, hollow organ – the uterus (prime image). But in a minority of gals, the tubes do not be a part of, producing two wombs

In conditions of bodily anatomy, the two wombs are often a little bit scaled-down than average in get to suit, even though they can be as large as a ‘normal’ womb.

It also makes it doable to be pregnant two times at the exact same time – with a little one in each and every womb. Having said that, this is amazingly uncommon.

Some females are also born with two vaginas, which can direct to troubles with sex and through menstruation. Some girls will have a septum in the vagina that separates the two canals, which can sometimes bring about difficulties with sexual intercourse. 

To correctly examine they are balanced, smear checks should be carried out in each cervixes.