The Various Treatment Methods That an Infertility Doctor Uses

A baby is a significant amount of responsibility for any couple. When a couple decides to have a child, that is indeed a very special time in their life. Some couples have no problem at all conceiving, while others end up with conception problems because of various circumstances.

No matter what the problem might be for a couple, it is very important that if they suspect there is a medical cause for their lack of conception success, they seek out the help of an infertility doctor. Many couples have trouble conceiving, for example, because of a low sperm count.

An infertility doctor thus needs to fully examine the male, so that the source of the low sperm count can be determined. This can be established by the male giving a sperm sample, and then having them analyzed in a lab. In order to successfully impregnate a female naturally, there needs to be a significant amount of sperm that is released with a male’s ejaculation.

Thus, in the case of males with a low sperm count, it is up to the infertility doctor to provide information regarding various medical procedures that can increase the couple’s chances of conceiving. One of the first things that might be tried is artificial insemination, wherein the sperm is directly injected into the woman’s fallopian tubes. Sometimes, outside factors are affecting the man’s sperm count, like side effects from medication. If this is the case, the infertility doctor will refer the man to his primary care physician to have that medication adjusted.