Where to Get Unbuffered Vitamin C Crystals?

This article will show my experience related to cooking recipe on the book by William G. Crook, where to get unbuffered vitamin C crystals.

If you own “The Yeast Connection Cookbook: A Guide to Good Nutrition and Better Health”, by William G. Crook, you will be able to find on page 209-201 about Basic “Vinaigrette” Dressing.

On the ingredients listed, there is 1/4 teaspoon unbuffered, corn-free vitamin C crystals, slightly rounded. Now where can you get “unbuffered, corn-free vitamin C crystals, slightly rounded”?

I purchased unbuffered vitamin C crystals at my local health food store. If they don’t say “buffered” on the bottle, then they most probably aren’t.

Dr. Crook suggests taking vitamin C crystals in “The Yeast Connection Handbook”. You can substitute vitamin C crystals for vinegar in any salad dressing recipe. I usually use about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of C in my salad dressing.

Experimentation is always good though. I wasn’t able to find “corn free” crystals and as my husband doesn’t seem to be allergic to corn, he’s been okay with it.

You can also use “Bragg Liquid Aminos” instead of salad dressing. It takes a wee while to get used to the taste, but it isn’t so bad after you persevere. This is also an item that you will have to purchase at your local health food store.

Braggs can also be used to replace soy sauce in any recipe and it’s not fermented, contains no salt, sugar or anything not allowed on the Candida diet.

I was also told that, instead of “buffered” it might say “Ester-C”, and that the “ester” means buffered. Have a nice cooking!